Welcome to the Special Bolt SRL website, special screw and bolt hardware company.

Special Bolt SRL is the ideal partner for various industrial sectors: mechanical, nautical, earth movement, automotive, systems, etc.

From the time it was established Special Bolt SRL has made it a goal to establish long-lasting business relationships with its customers who year after year have always been able to count on a reliable, professional and competitive partner. The range of items offered includes STANDARD screw and bolt hardware as well as a range of SPECIAL items made through a tight network of relationships with specialised workshops both in Italy and abroad which has allowed us to meet any specific need.

The strategy that our company pursues, in the interest and observance of the needs of our clientèle, can be summed up in the following qualifying points:

FLEXIBILITY: the possibility of concentrating compute and varied supplies which also include non conventional items, in other words, in quantities which are not commonly offered (rounded down or up).

PROMPTNESS: the goods, often in stock in our warehouse or available or in any case produced quickly, can be packaged, identified and catalogued based on the most varied needs of the customer and, if necessary, even delivered directly extremely rapidly.

RELIABILITY: employees with vast experience and skill in the sector are capable of providing constant technical consultation in order to identify the best quality/price ratio to meet every individual need. Also, at the customer's request, all items supplied are subjected to tests and commissioning by certified and approved laboratories in observance of the most advanced regulations.

Special Bolt Srl supplies a vast range of screws, bolts, nuts and similar products, both standard and special in various grades of resistance and metals, as well as special-order, custom items. The constant pursuit of improving the quality of services that we provide for our customers is a top priority for Special Bolt Srl, as well as always providing high quality and certified products. Special Bolt Srl is drafting its own Quality Manual and the relative procedures in view of upcoming ISO 9002 certification.

On this website you can view the main products we provide, the services we offer, price lists, catalogues and much more.

We are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified download the certificate

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